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Some ideas for writing an interesting research paper about high school students

For the adults reading this article we all know how it was going when we were younger and went through our high school years. There is no one specific way or journey that happens as every student is different. Just like life, in general, there are different paths that we all can take, and it is up to our discretion what we choose to do.

What we are going to cover today is the topics in which you can cover while writing an interesting research paper about high school students. Depending on your age, just take a quick reflection upon what you (and your peers) remember your high school experience was like, what you would have done differently if you could and how the current generation looks now.

Understanding their entire high school career

High school is a 4-year career (unless a student decides to complete their coursework in advance and graduate early). As a freshman, it is pretty typical to understand that this is an entirely new world for young teenagers. Class structures are different than middle/junior schools, and the individuals/classmates that they may be surrounded with on a daily basis will be more diverse.

Discussing the impact of their friendships

Friendships tend to change, evolve, and sometimes (unfortunately) end. Over time young teenagers begin to understand that the friends they surround themselves with are an extension of who they are. Having the right friends with them is crucial to their social skills and how they interact with others.

How much of an effect do extracurricular activities play in their lives/grades

It is known that on average students who participate in extra-curricular activities such as sports, music groups (band/choir), or clubs (student council, debate team, science club, etc.,) tend to get better grades overall. One of the main reasons is that they have to maintain a specific GPA to even participate. Losing the privilege of doing what they love is a great way to keep them on their toes.

Now that we have gone down memory lane of high school, hopefully, you take all of these perspectives into consideration when writing your research paper. High school is pretty much the last years that an individual gets before being put in “the real world.” It is also the collective years in which a student will be able to find/define who they are personally and as a student.

Remember, you were a high school student before, so have a sense of humor when you are writing this paper!

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July 4, 2016